Major Benefits and Key Challenges of Android Development

Powerful Android applications accomplish a aberration in the world. As added than 84 percent of all the Acute Phones use Android OS, there are abundant opportunities for developers of Android applications, authoritative it accessible for you to acquisition a accomplished android developer in any allotment of the world. Having said that, actuality is an in abyss attending at the above allowances and key challenges of android development to advice you accept the best belvedere for your business app development.

Major Benefits:

Android development is amount effective

Android is accessible source, accordingly developers can actualize any amount of affluent applications, after any alternating authorization fees. On the added hand, an simple SDK conception does not crave added resources. You can aswell go for any amount of revisions in the application, as there are chargeless modification programs available, which added accompany the amount down.

Inter appliance integration

With Android getting an accessible antecedent platform, it is added acceptable for all sorts of inter appliance integration. Even if you wish to absorb or cross-promote the assorted programs together, Android is the a lot of acceptable affairs to use, as the technology itself is absolute for any affectionate of affiliation amid antithetical software.

Graphics support

Android offers all-encompassing abutment for 2D and 3D graphics, which helps companies to allure users to its adaptable applications. Using high-quality cartoon is acute for the success of any adaptable application.

Less accomplishment is required

Android programs are basically accounting in Java. A developer with a alive ability of Java and acceptable acquaintance in this programming blazon can calmly get Android appliance up and active with about ease.

Linux kernel

Android is based on Linux kernel, which agency that the basal appearance of Android are actual agnate to those of Linux kernel. Based on Linux, Android gives a actual defended and abiding platform, ensuring an obstacle chargeless and bland ambiance area applications can accomplish their best.

The key challenges

UI development

As the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) aftermath their own user interfaces, which are absolutely altered from anniversary other, it is sometimes a botheration for the developer to handle this aberration in UI’s.


Factors such as GUI (graphical user interface) and anamnesis and ability use affect the achievement of an application. During appliance development, the developer have to yield into annual the botheration of ability appliance and deliver the assets optimally to all the applications that charge them.


With the boundless use of Android acute phones, there is aswell a charge to assure these accessories from awful attacks aiming to abduct analytical advice such as usernames and passwords. The abstracts in alteration and abstracts at blow both charge to be adequate adjoin any crooked access.

Backward compatibility

As Android is accepted for its common updates, it is important for the developer to ensure astern affinity in his appliance developments. It is all-important to ensure that the developed appliance runs bland not alone on the adapted version, but aswell on the antecedent versions of the Android API.

It is time for business owners to alpha cerebration above approved app ideas, such as email and calendar, as they are too basal to advance an Android developer’s abounding potential. While the business owners attempt with their adroitness and abridgement of ideas, there is no curtailment of aptitude in the Android developer community. Use your abeyant to appear up with a arduous idea, and accord it a chance. No amount how camp it may assume at aboriginal glance.

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Writing 100 Articles in 100 Days

Before chief to abode 100 online autograph in 100 canicule you charge to accept a bright purpose and action contrarily you may get apathetic or feel too fatigued to see the claiming to its conclusion. I was able to complete the additional claiming offered by EzineArticles appear the end of 2009. Here are some of the difficulties and obstacles I encountered forth the way:

Difficulties of Autograph 100 Online autograph in 100 days

Lack of a bright plan

Lack of actual to abode about

Writers block

Stress due to not autograph an commodity anniversary day

Lack of focus: accepting absent during the autograph process

Not blockage on topic

Rejection of online autograph due to spelling or grammar errors

Failure to thoroughly adapt online autograph afore appointment them for publication

Not ambience abreast a specific time anniversary day for autograph and afraid to it

Believing all 100 online autograph will be accustomed for publication

Submitting online autograph too abutting to end of claiming date not assured them to be rejected

To affected the difficulties and obstacles you’ll face you charge to acutely accept the benefits. This will analyze your purpose and accord you the action to abide to the end.

Benefits of Autograph 100 Online autograph in 100 days

1. Addition web traffic

EzineArticles is the best agenda to abide your online autograph to because if attracts the a lot of visitors. Here are some of means it accomplishes this:

Rapid indexing by the seek engines so your commodity gets listed about immediately

RSS feeds – bags of humans accept anniversary new commodity in their augment readers

Email alerts – humans accept notification of new online autograph if they active up for email alerts

Ezine publishers appointment this agenda to baddest online autograph for their publications

2. Get admission links

Two links are alone accustomed in the ability box at the end of your article. Cover the abounding web website abode for one hotlink so it charcoal complete if an ezine publishers selects your commodity for publication. Use ballast argument (linked text) for the added hotlink because this carries added weight in the seek engines than a accepted hyperlink. Both links should hotlink to your capital web site. This will addition its seek engine rankings.

3. Access seek engine rankings

Search engines use keywords to acquisition your agreeable on the web. Accomplish abiding you cover your capital keywords aural the title, commodity body, and ability box of your article. If you do this for all 100 online autograph you’ll see a affecting access in your web website rankings.

4. Accretion ezine subscribers

You will accretion lots of new subscribers for your ezine or newsletter by alms a chargeless address or software in your ability box. Direct readers to a clasp page area they have to assurance up to accept the report. If you do this continuously for 100 canicule you’ll abound a ample subscriber list.

5. Cast your business

People admit your business by consistently getting apparent to it. If readers see your agreeable on commodity directories, your web site, ezines, newsletters and in the seek engines it builds your business brand.

6. Create top superior agreeable

Online business owners consistently charge fresh, different agreeable to action their readers and subscribers. Creating a able-bodied accounting commodity that offers admired agreeable will get called over ailing accounting ones. The adorableness of this agreeable is that it will accumulate breeding cartage for a actual continued time as continued as it charcoal on the Web.

7. Improve your autograph skills

You’ve heard the adage “practice makes perfect.” Making the ambition and accomplishment to abode 100 online autograph in 100 canicule will advice you to abode added effectively. You’ll be able to abode faster, easier, accomplish beneath mistakes and aftermath college superior than if you aboriginal began. This will aftereffect in alluring and application added readers.

Reap these top 7 allowances by accommodating in autograph 100 online autograph in one 100 days.

You’ll be animated you did!

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